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I kind of collapsed after their no retaliation.

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1, the first note, not a long.
second note, I rented a girl, named its senior staff professional school, or massage therapist, who sat with red hair salon, dedicated to the hotel to call the service a relatively large difference, at least the price is much higher.
concluded that the door girl, very pretty, and have a boyfriend, also lived a; so you can understand the general case for my bad start.

she and I shared more than a year, usually difficult to meet the basic, because I day shift, she was on the middle of the night; strange thing is that her boyfriend is also the night shift. ,
But the weather is bad, she does not work, and something sit together to talk.

2, joke

one occasion, she told me a joke.

She said there are times, they are middle-level cadres Company study abroad, (I said, massage lady also going abroad...)

came to Sweden when the red light district, where the chicken found quality is very high, not only the technology fully, and will be the language of many countries.

to the time when the local customers, they will use local dialects, come on dear, I've got pretty girls and strong young man;

time when visitors to the United States, they will use English said, come on honey, I'll show you the way I wear clothes nun;

when to say when the guests, they will use the Japanese that come Takeo Sang, I have here a variety of tools to conquer me;

when guests come to China, when you think they say? ? They will use the Chinese words, come on, we have the invoice, can be reimbursed, ha ha ha ha. . .

3, vegetables, health

she often said, a higher CTR as massagers, (I said, also click-through rate), a beautiful addition to strong technical (I insist that you that that aspect of the technology), but also have some pharmacology.

For example, it is recommended guests eat less salt, in particular, not too much consumption of iodized salt (the mother's, I actually listen to a massagers a year ago, said the dangers of iodized salt).

example, suggested that I guests eat ginger ,**,**(** very up things), these are basic foods that can fight cancer.

then she suddenly said to me, you know, I think you should eat more onions and veal,
I said, oh, is not my very thin, they can stomach?
she said solemnly, stomach and not say, but to impotence. . . .
me. . . . . .

4, career planning needs to be said about

her education, she worked for after college graduation. Did a lot of live, what sweeping, bottled water, cook, selling clothes, selling cosmetics, shocked me the most is that she has been a year of primary school teachers. . . . .

later, was sister got me a foot City Point class and later the city to foot sauna city, the city was changed to K song, and later changed to K Music City Foot Center, later, the city began Foot open chain. . . . And leadership in this session before the changing of the guard, no longer consider changing the nature of the business. (Say this, she was very pleased)

she said in her career (as big as me, actually more than I work for 10 years), although ash had been struggling at the bottom (after investigation , its meaning should be wandering), but she never gave up her dream.

I asked, what is your dream?

45 degrees looking incandescent she said, my dream is that when an officer, Shou Dixia tube to number one hundred people. .

I was then asked with, hard to achieve your dreams faster yet? ?

She looked down, then looked up and said firmly, fast, and he sent 20 up. . . (Later, I know, she is sister, tube of 80 individuals)


quarrel with her sister more, dressed with cabbage are pure as can mouth are more curse ruthless, all human organs mouth came, often a phrase can be summed up like ** A, Glass A, Lily A behavior and other flavors.

one occasion, she and a sister quarrel, her sister scolded, I said you grandma!
her cold, answer, not grandmother, died; grandpa can, come on.

they scolded her sister, forced to run the train donkeys, dogs at day!
her cold, A, force is not, how students come to your father and your father! (Niua implied that the young girl's father and the father is not a person...)

That young girl well done, and Yeguo a beer bottle pointed at her curse, paralysis, I plug you P eyes, the letter does not?
she said scornfully, grass, with a cap are not afraid, afraid to open your package being repetitious one of the bad lot.

Since then, I told her sister to do when the company firmly believed in, you see people that quality and style. . . .

6, robbery

an early summer evening, she and her boyfriend invited me out to eat barbecue, a little cool at night, she ate for a while on the go.
was already fast 1:00 (we get 12 points before the door), her boyfriend is confused with a bunch of little ruffian hot, do not want to go, so by the righteousness of it I took her home.
her little shorts and tank top, big pants my big vest, through a market, no lights, dark look came on two people.

when I did not care, she pulled me, grass, robbery Road.
I just want to ask her how she knew, to see opposite the flash of light, a light knife.

I did not immediately live up to expectations in urine, but the legs of the (not excuse anything, shame)
she said softly, you go up, they will be toward the British point (sounds like) to play , punch a quasi-Lay.

results too quiet, that both Hunzai opposite was stopped, then came toward me on the trot. . . I did not figure out where the hole will be British, then I went to the front of both Hunzai, the one holding the knife towards my neck on the bar.

I sat down on the ground, suddenly beating twice, both Hunzai snapped fell to the ground, a hand-held bricks tall figure appeared behind them. . . Sharing a girl.

she looked at the ground Hunzai contempt and I said, let's go, I wrecked brick corner, a concussion is affirmed. . .

back home, I am in shock to see she took that piece of brick, curious.
she handed me a brick, that I'm afraid to start with weight, if a human life, this is the weapon, was handled. . .

7, Taishan

she had a sister nicknamed Tarzan, called a beautiful look, she called a good (a week later that she spent the money on beauty fitness at least 1000, not counting the money to buy cosmetics)
Tarzan is a decent lady of the night games POP Counter origin, came to be a leading fancy, including the (servants of the people thanks to my criminal impulses kill to defend my family ** )

Tarzan nickname confusing, I asked.

sister shared the indifference that this is the Chinese abbreviation. . (Day, also abbreviated), full name is Tarzan collapse in the former but not scared.

I am more confused, and asked which is valid and means ah. . .

her contempt of looked at me and said, still wearing glasses it, classical did not know! This classical translated into the vernacular, meaning that, like Tarzan, that strong men shot in front of her collapse, she would not frightened (I think it is fine). . .

too his mother's cultural tastes, and I can only say

8 dog

April of this year, she a wonderful reflection of a dog , looks like Chow. Covered with dark, as with a ball of yarn rolling around.

dog from a name? Her sisters put a lot of views, what Roe, Kakashi, Bond ah (such is the Worship of camp),
what black, small briquettes, the first black carbon, (more ridiculous is called the arbiter ???),
was proposed since there is the name of Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Zhao (it was suggested that the name of their dog and a sister company with ????)

Finally, the name laid down, and called white. . .

her words, I would like to see people surprised expression, I particularly cool. . . .

9 real estate

that point Tarzan mm thing.

where the best fishing idiot?
bar? Low-grade men go there, do not know the next time you finished;
cafe? That is a date place. . .
mall? Whenever the owner of a little balance, or to order, or designed for. . . (I echo that, yes ah yes ah mall grade lower, shared contempt for her sister looked at me, she said the mall told you different completely different things, people called you shopping malls supermarkets)
< br> So, Taishan mm concluded that the club is the best choice. Senior clubs better, private clubs even more perfect. Tarzan mm

then spoke one of her fierce thing. . .

she hung up the boss to give her a house, then went to a newly opened real estate, selected a house; suddenly, Tarzan mm ambiguous, with another boss, also decided to send her a houses, is actually the same building with a real estate. . . .

maybe the boss is not that good merchandise, there are a lot of scars Taishan mm body is their confused (Let's shout, let brother to see!!)
Taishan mm also looked at the arm so that we cigarette burn scars on (let's call together, brother to look deeper!!)
know if the goods so that both play Tarzan mm double-sided, if not kill her, they have disfigured, severely beaten Han of. .
Taishan mm temporary change is not scared to spend a few days, two of the boss's lover to collate information on one, gave them his wife. . . .

boss to be both refined from the family war over the taste, the Taishan mm has been with now officials. . . . That both are hanging in the house under the name of Tarzan mm. . . .

10 installed, or Taishan mm than


Taishan mm is definitely rich woman, but sharing a sister company of regulars, you claim that what it all around Tucson?
I am embarrassed to ask Tarzan mm, and asked her sister shared.

sister shared a sigh, a touch of that (actually I do not despise ???), only 20 years old, is destined to loneliness, but not as light, are also afraid to tell their loved ones; followed her husband to go out , around the woman to bully her, told her loading ratio. . . (Not the love child play sister is lonely)

I followed sighed and said, very poor. .

Lengheng soon shared her sister, looked at me with contempt for (Why do ???), total contempt for the grass, watching you with silly innocent as you believe it? ? ? Hoof on the little waves come over to show off the equipment, do you think? ? ?

11 objects out of fall camp

I met a mm, length is not pretty, but the figure was okay, I do not ask, can be used on the line. .
Two days later, she helped to clean up my house getting better, then talk with the ideal;
I worry that people shy girl, so the ideal base to talk about youth, adults, the ideal plan to talk slowly, after all not familiar with.

5 this week she came again, she and I entered the room just to talk about ideals, hit shared my sister to go to work, aiming at her sister shared, Yiliaoyisheng.
I quickly, this is my friend. . .
shared sister sneer, his face began to pale against that small mm, said his aging mother to find food found here, know a first come first served!
did not know how long mm turned away. .

wrong I would know a silly (not to mention I'm not stupid)
shared sneer sister said to me, what eyes, looking for a lady back. . . .
I argue, I no money, no situation, she did not figure I did, I do not suffer. .
shared contempt for her sister looked at me one minute, Lengheng and said, now very popular lady looking for college students, small white-collar workers like the people, there seems to be college students on the same grade, so put price on high. . . .

I consoled themselves that fortunately did not develop. . .
shared more contempt for her sister, bear-like, do not even have a lady!

12 postscript

out objects on the back said I was a young woman to lie, I was very angry and regret, so I will write her name.
I have always been relatively good, even if it is a small rogue almost put me to hurt, I kind of collapsed after their no retaliation.

but this time no, this little slut Although there is no harm to my body, but play with my feelings! Long as we hang these novel kinds of YY website, the most valued is that these spiritual things. .
So, you can play with my body, but not a desecration of my soul. . . .
so these are not playing the body, directly on the people on the obscene in my soul from out of anger. . .

that woman named Li Sha, or Lisa, generally called her salsa. . . .

13 to engage the object to add

I quite hate this thing, so the more points. . .

so I am very pleased that a few months later, colleagues traveling with me to engage with the salsa together.
This colleague has told me not to deal with, then when fall camp, which B will install the GAO, which makes just as he is big in Explorer, as women like dirt;
this is for me the courage to get started practitioners expressed disgust.
result steal feeling, he took her to do the (I think she put him to do more appropriate)

until he was know. I was also wondering, Niubi Ah Ha, but also to find a lady to play with the camera.

I shared the photo to see my sister, she despised that your company is what people ah, the birds, slut also junior middle school education, has let him play both the.
I argue that one, I attempted. . . Rented at most half a

sister look at the photo, but look at me, sighed, this slut is not ugly birds taste how so heavy. . .

14 Kan Maopian
fact, her boyfriend also engaged in special. .
summer window, They are active at night, sometimes during the day and two the mood, and began to talk about ideals. . . . If I do not work overtime on weekends, was forced to listen to them talk about ideals.
are talking ideal woman can not help but called the men shout, the sound of small points, too noisy. . .
woman began to hum, the men swore, do not call, ah, as with the necrophilia. . .
shared sister was on fire, heard popping sound Cui Xiang, followed by female voice said, grass, when Kan Maopian ah you also adjust the volume with the!

shared my sister has been unable to understand why I can sit at the computer for several hours, just like I can not understand why she should be twelve hours each time, like make-up. . .

day I was playing a game, suddenly the living room (actually a slightly wider point too Gallery) came rented sister scream, I quickly out of the house, saw her trembling, said, pointing to his eyes You see, they lost a lot. . .
I am confused, how has your eyes? ?
looking through the eyes she said, is the eyelashes, more than 140 root it yesterday, today, got left out onto the scene of 100. . . . .

I ?? with, and there are a few of his eyelashes. . . . .


youth literature today in this great god, guru, uncle era of flying, I have been young people to literature itself, which is a reflection of my humble to quality

sister shared this point very clear, there are times she used my computer, I accidentally pulls out a small paper and wrote several collections of some of the LOLI martial arts film (she did not carefully turned 1 more than an hour Ah..)

her appreciation for a long time, that did not see it, looking very quiet (how can a man with a quiet description!!) a small youth, but also understand the literature!
I Samsam said, literary youth, love more. . ** First off your right, the volume down is required. . . . . .

her contempt at me and said, fart literary youth, to see your little virgin-like, also a literary broiler. . . .

17 literary youth (2)

on the back said, to see my sister shared a long collection of loli martial arts films, see the financial spur of the moment, the literary language to insult me ??broiler. . . . . . I have a face

stool, his eyes emitting the anger (at this time I just moved soon, unaware of their speaking style)
heart that you either woman, your brother can not be non-beat (At this point I just moved soon, do not understand the force sturdy)

shared hey sister smiled, angry? Sister joking with you. . . Well, you are not literature broiler (you said you are a literary ???), Takeo, you literary Viagra, fixating. . . .
finished, she touched my head. . . . .

digression: on I strong literary heritage, you see me this . .

18 uniformed party (1)
(Replies ah so many people, so many people want me to Kuaia.. real men, enduring is king..)

shared sister companies often engage in some theme parties, chiffon party (both vacuum to wear chiffon..), Lily party lemon party (that is, wearing school uniforms Taiwan), watermelon party (we eat watermelon..)

This time, I saw her in the living room wearing a police uniform gestures,
I am curious, joked that tonight will not be the police investigation to a party, right? ?
she said, yes.
I was shocked, it was not hell broke loose. . . (I felt it too the police investigation to pull a)
she said, not chaos, they are all wearing civilian clothes, we are all police uniforms. . . .

I said, police ** ah, fish,http://lovezjj1314.blog.com/, water, love ah. . .
she despised me, that you really XL, our company is a decent hotel restaurant, invoices are machine play. . .

19 uniforms Party (2)

this party is very good, but the opening two days by authorities to halt the (terrible departments),
reason is a bad influence, to discredit the organization, the general public is difficult to accept. (Compiled it, the general public to that place the consumer once a month have to eat meat)

shared her sister said, Ye Hao canceled, she looked uncomfortable.
and grin at me and said, if to a real policewoman, dressed in a real police uniforms, how do you say she? ?
so I did not answer, she went on to say, if I was policewoman, I do not quiet, pretending to waiter, to get first-hand evidence. . . .

(uniforms are false, the shoulder and take a pick, cleaner can be used...)

19 Tarzan mm boyfriend 1
(I again a)

I rented an air conditioner, hot and cold dual-use, (only 200 a year rent, a good deal; and others delivered to your door, free installation)
to pay a deposit, in the electronics store shared sister ran outside.

shared my sister saw me and said, go with you to be spectacular.

then, Several turnings, see Tarzan mm and a small young in the fight.
small young very excited and said, it plays! (Day, I Suzhen it...) Why?
Taishan mm is very calm, saying, I want the simple life, which is you can not give me. . .
little younger more excited, that I will work hard, and I will keep you for a lifetime (days, people bottle of hand cream you eat enough vegetables a month Kaifeng)
Taishan mm shook his head, I do not love you, maybe you should look for more suitable for your lover. . . .

. . . (I can not be written up, anything normal, so the street did not speak with the same third-rate Gangtai Ju...)

Taishan mm and small young, I almost hear the dialogue vent , and quickly shared with sister, sister, you kill me. . You do not kill me, kill me in the past to keep her. .
shared sister, do not ah, that's how wonderful, with the Tarzan television as
20 mm boyfriend 2

I am ready to go, I really can not stand the drama in local dialects lines of maybe a child. . . .

shared sister, do not go, you go to play Tarzan mm boyfriend, the little boy to get rid of P.
(too sudden, a lot of bad customs yy fiction plot, I write all that vulgar Fasao things, just let brother to run into)

I pretend to shy to say more not good, I am not ready to say. . .
sister shared aim at me and said, bear-like! . . Well, I installed a gay on their own calculations. . .
(day, ah, this is a humble brother... brother's heart, the moment burst into tears)

21 Tarzan mm boyfriend 3

Biao defended her sister shared a homosexual is really loaded, go. .
from kindergarten, with regard to good and proud of my humility, wet. . .

However, the response is not good enough, the little young Tarzan mm is clearly not acceptable lily thing. . .
I decided to run for. .

me to walk to the ** in front of them, stepped on dog feces with the same surprised tone, said, it plays? (Brother is Suzhen ah..)
Xiaoqing surprised a moment, asked, you are. . . . . ? (Day, she did not remember me... Moment, brother of the heart, once again burst into tears ????)

22 Tarzan mm boyfriend 4

small young eyes I was attracted, shared her sister took the opportunity to indicate with his eyes Taishan mm,
** I continue to walk forward and said, Xiaoqing, I Chaowei ah (you wish, you can call me Suzhen. .)
take this opportunity, I pulled a Tarzan mm hand (my little universe in the burning..)

sister shared the eyes may be too ambiguous, that still did not think I Taishan mm, ( tears)
she was very confused to say, Who are you?

cold field a minute later, I said, not petty temper, and with brother go back, what do we say back home. . . Then, I gave her a wink, blink of my eyes and head are faint. . .

suddenly hear the sound of a gust of wind behind him, then my face is like kissing up to the elephant, like, and then my body on the lateral shift of 70 cm. . . .

I fell to the ground, I see a strong man pointed at a roar, paralysis, hang me on your horse like?

23 Tarzan mm boyfriend 5

comes back on, since I serialized the first time since the hand touching Tarzan mm, on a slap shot by a strong man down to the ground. . . .

I looked at the ground, like angel hair with a flash of brawny (see stars do exist, really ???), Mongolia. . .
brawny front then rented sister, * sister, traffic jam, and grass, this kid to me. . . (This moment, brother sinking and excitement for the equipment than the heart, tears)

Fortunately, my sister pulled his rented, pointing directly next to that silly little young, that is, This is one of us. . . .

was simple then, a little young to be scared off brawny, brawny ride away, and her sister shared Tarzan mm go shopping, I had nobody. . . . .

24 Matrix 1

9 ?? night, I got home and was shocked. . .

wall covered with all kinds of decorations, room-length mirror repair side obviously, more chandelier (originally light bulbs),
a long Matrix male pig with general pull the H man, sitting in the sofa in the cook looked at me smiling. . .

So I think that I crossed. . .

trembling in fear in my eggs when the sportsman came up to me one day with a hair spring-like smile, said to me: .. I Levis chicken ????super-hero as the Matrix (this pronunciation jue, my sturdy literary accomplishment ah..) just put the name has changed to chicken Nulaiweisi. . .
in the industry has a high popularity. . .

because he did not rent the house renovated, he wanted to look . .

slaves took advantage of the chicken do not pay attention, shared the mysterious sister said to me, but this chicken slave bisexual Oh ~ ~ I took it to his boss effort to live. . . You happy now?

I looked handsome chicken slaves face, watching her sister shared charming face, a sudden me and my chrysanthemum burst into tears. . . I want to 3p life is not like that. . .

26 Matrix 3

grandson of a party to the center of the city play,
evening activities, leading the work on the arrangements for her sister's bar in the shared (KTv , bars, massage stop ah...)
but the reception, the grandson of the grandson of a sudden want to play party man,
shared sister company apparently did not introduce this business. . . .

bitter experience, high-level meeting decided to set up the next day. . . Especially team-based activities. .

27 Matrix 4

I rent a room is Bedroom, living room sofa and just put a full-length mirror,
then the problem arises. . .
This chicken slaves slept where? ?

answer is. . . Shared with her sister to sleep. . . (I have tears ran..)
Shared her sister's ex-boyfriend do? ?
answer is. . Being kicked out (such as chicken slave away, They is once and a.. Looking for married lady friend, I hope to give you some inspiration..)

Two days later, my sister shared encounter She said most Resentment, paralysis, and I said how it did not take long to meet holding my hand keeps complimenting slender, easy to give him the entire half-day to pull the asshole. . .

28 Matrix 5

chicken slaves bought four combinations dumbbells every morning after work he (his sister all night and shared) to practice on 45 minutes.

asked his blessing, a lot of muscle in my body finally know his name. . .

So every morning, I looked at him in the living room floor mirror,
YD lifting dumbbells while intoxicated and because, while Zimo,
mouth light cried, shooting leg, shot right hamstring, calf shot, shoot the legs broken. . . . (Transliteration, the original is thirty, thirty-one ...)
(Later, I tried to side while lifting dumbbells Zimo, paralysis, and I actually intoxicated...)

29 Hackers Empire 6

soon end a week of training, the chicken slave students to induction of,
can be linked to what brand it?

sister shared the name of my gang to spend online, the Phoenix Pro Court. . . .
executives feel it is too elegant a name,
Doukua sister shared only color both, really his mother's culture. . .

I dropped out of the gang online. . Every time I see gang title, I and my Daisy will burst into tears. . .

shared sister know, the contempt of looked at me (returning to the contempt ah..)
, said, lying in front of the computer all day Piyong ah, but not to engage in nude talk. . . .

Matrix 6

chicken slaves go, and he left me all the dumbbells. . (Columbia also received barely)
he said he was reluctant sister and I shared. . (Not the chrysanthemum is the most beautiful..)

Parting with his disciples. . . (There are female students..)
He let me play on the computer less and exercise more. . . (Brother fall, and to the sale of the education of the chrysanthemum..)

He left his name attached to me, that you can find him later to Shanghai,
all tickets. . . (I day old monk but decent monk..)
Where he said he was more beautiful over. . (Such an obvious temptation, or from the bar I..)

The moment he walked away, waving,
mouth gently shouted:
good-bye, my sweetheart. (Rented sister moist eyes..)
Bye, good daisies. (I Cursive spicy desert you!)

Foreigners 1

rented sister received two counterfeit, 100, HD kind. .
all take out. .
bar to the two foreigners, let the cashier to give back my sister rented out. . .

wanted, foreigners received two counterfeit it, saw two,
said in Chinese, HD, false drops. . .
then very angry looking cashier, said, TMD, his mother drops. . . .

foreigners 2

foreigners will be more and more Chinese. .

have been a foreigner just to show off Qingdao,
wanted to say in Chinese, .
so foreigners hand, the number of fingers one by one in Chinese, I went to the Seven Islands. . .

I said, it was ah foreigner winter ridge, rings, can think of nothing, what Niubi. . .
shared contempt sister said, the grass, I will say that o ~ yeah come on it. . .

zebra black mosquito

last week I went to Inner Mongolia, was bitten by mosquitoes more than 10 black package. . . (Not updated retribution?)
Swelling of the Lao Gao, Youteng itchy (where wearing pants can freeze to death, how the mosquito does not die..)
Came back, my sister shared coated iodine to help solution (which is something super-good praise itching)
she saw, under the jump, ask you to let mosquitoes bite a social hit B? ?
I said, paralysis, so that the zebra pattern to the B-society mosquito bite. . .
big sister shared music, that numbness you are too talented. . . .

saying I fool around mosquitoes and black, with a hickey back. . .

sister pointed at my back shared mosquito bite, swelling of the Lao Gao of a large package that,
mother, which to bite in the front, just like breast the same. . . .

trip to Shanghai 1

company has a business to send me and my colleagues go to Shanghai,
shared sister also happened to go to Shanghai,
so we go along. . .

at the train station, (the company not to reimburse ticket..)
shared my colleagues to see her sister, scared to Heaven. . . (Confused with her students the same day, soup is pure flow..)
Immediately attentive to serve the same mother. .

shared secret sister asked me: how your company who are forced to conduct this?
me wipe that off my thanks to the purity of them. .
shared contempt sister looked at me and said, do not tell sister install pure, pure people mounted wheel. . . .

trip to Shanghai 2

shared with my sister finished when the relationship between pure and round,
suddenly thought of her dress is more pure,
then joked, sister This dress is a natural beauty difficult to self-government, (I like beautiful wet look ????)
then continued defiance of looked at me, you did not force the loading force, sister, but there are goods of. . . (Brother to inspection... Parallel?.. Water... Cargo ???)< br>
trip to Shanghai 3

booking time, my colleagues and I want to return to his trip ticket into a car with her sister shared. . .
So he shouted: Meal, I altered tickets. . . (It looks like tickets to altered tickets, train tickets can not be right?? Uncertain..)
Conductor politely hints that he altered tickets in another window,
special lyrical and he said b, special equipment, train service is not, I fly, when a phone call gave a Meal. . .

he ramble show off his flying experience,
then learn he shared contempt for the way my sister said to me, small *, a good listen, will be useful!
(Japan, Costa Rica is that you can contempt)

I Lengheng an aircraft count birds, not only did brother, also played. . .
shared with a sister with the sentence: I help people played. . .

Shanghai Tour 4 of the train crash

my colleagues to continue to show off his experience, he asked suddenly rented sister (sister shared after he met with me to automatically shield..), a car accident you have experienced it?
shared sister quietly, that experience once.
my colleagues: is not it? Big? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ? . . . . ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .????????







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